Weather Station Temperature / Humidity Solar Radiation Shield

wind-direction-sensorFinally found the Plastic plate and Soup bowls  needed to build the Arduino / ATtiny Wireless Weather Station Temperature / Humidity sensor Solar Radiation Shield.

The Solar Radiation Shield was very easy to build, the hardest part was locating the Plastic plate and Soup bowls. Found the Plastic plate and Soup bowls at a local party supply store near by.

Part List:

  1. One(1) 7″  plastic plate
  2. Eight(8)  7″  plastic soup bowls
  3. Three(3)  1/8″ by 6″ aluminum rods
  4. Three(3)  6-32 cap nuts
  5. Six(6)  6-32 brass nuts
  6. Nine(9)  1/8″ washers
  7. Fifteen(15)  1″ spacer made out of small drip tubimg
  8. One(1)  31/4″ custum cut plastic disk (could use old CD cut down to 31/4″)
  9. One(1)  1/2″ PVS plug
  10. One(1)  1/2″ PVC coupler