Arduino Intercepting Oregon Scientific Weather Station Data


The Experiment: Arduino Intercepting Oregon Scientific 433Mhz Wireless Weather Station Data. Build a 433Mhz wireless weather station receiver around an Arduino UNO micro-controller, to receive weather sensor data from an Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station.

Recently acquired a free broken Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station  anemometer, wind vane, rain gauge and inside thermo-hygro for part. The only broken part was the weather station display. After some googling discovered some information regarding intercepting/decoding  Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station sensor data.

Table of Contents

  1. OregonScientific RF Protocolsl
  2. Decoding the Oregon Scientific V2 protocol
  3. Arduino Wireless Weather Station & Web Server
  4. Oregon Scientific v 2.1 sensor emulator Encoder
  5. Oregon Scientific v 2.1 sensor emulator transmission
  6. Oregon Scientific Protocol v3 Wave Height and Water Temperature Sensor

433Mhz Wireless Receiver Module:







Salvaged the 433Mhz receiver from the broken Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station. Decided to use the Arduino Wireless Weather Station & Web Server sketch by Chris Wicks 2011/12, but only used the necessary code to receive and decode the Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station data. Uploaded the modified sketch to the Arduino UNO, and Wow it worked the first time, was able to receive Oregon Scientific THGR266 Thermo-Hygro sensor data.

Required Libraries:

  1. #include <Wire.h>

Required Functions:

  1. Oregon decoder by Dominique Pierre at JeeLabs

Part List:

  1. One(1) Arduino UNO
  2. One(1) 433Mhz Receiver