Ham Radio Center Feed Point Connector For Dipole Antenna

The Experiment: In this experiment were going make a Ham Radio Center Feed point Connector for a Dipole Antenna. Will use a readily available half inch PVC fittings to construct a strong light weight Dipole Center Feed Point Connector.

ham-radio-center-feed-connector-for-dipole-antenna-pvc tee-in-tht-air

Table of Contents
1. Part List
2. Prototype
3. Notes
4. Conclusion

Part List:

1. One – 1/2″ PVC Tee Connector
2. Two – 1/2″ PVC Pipe Plug
3. Two – 3/4″ #8-32 Brass Screws
4. Two – #8 Brass Washers
5. Four – #8-32 Brass Nuts
6. Four – 1/4″ #6-32 Brass Screws
7. One – PL-259 Chassis Mounted Male Connector
8. Two – 2 1/2″ Piece #14 Wire
9. Two – Ring Terminals



Building the prototype:
1. Drill a 11/64 hole in the center of the 1/2″ PVC Pipe Plug.
2. Cut 1/2″ PVC Pipe Plug in half.
3. Using the 11/64″ drill route out a slot inside the 1/2″ plug (space for ring terminal wire)
4. Strip back 1/16″ of insulation of each end of 2″ #14 wire.
5. Solder Ring terminal connector to one end of 2″ #14 wire.
6. Bend the Ring terminal ring back 90 degrees opposite the wire.
7. Drill out the Ring terminal to 9/16″.
8. Screw the 3/4″ 8-32 brass screw into Ring terminal.
9. Insert 3/4″ 8-32 brass screw from into the center hole in the PVC Pipe Plug. *Note: Line the Ring terminal wire into the slot..
10. Screw a 8-32 brass nut/washer/nut on the 3/4″ 8-32 screw.
11. Slide PVC pip plugs into the PVC Tee ends, with the ring terminal positioned to the top of the PVC Tee.
12. Drill 7/64 hole on top/bottom of Tee 3/16 to 1/4 inch from the ends. See Complete Dipole Center Tee Connector Photo
13. Solder the other end of the 2″ #14 wire to the PL-259
14. Insert the PL-259 into the Tee connector.
15. Drill 7/64 hole on side of Tee connector to secure the PL-259 connector . See Complete Dipole Center Tee Connector Photo

Note: All drilled hole are smaller then the screw so that screw can cut treads into the PVC.




Connecting the antenna wire to the Dipole Center T Connector. Striped back 2″ of insulation of the #14 stranded wire fed that though a ring terminal, then placed a spade terminal on the end bent back the wire on the ring terminal and soldered both to the wire. Now connect the ring terminal to the screw on top of the PVC T and connect the spade terminal between the #8-32 nut and tighten nut snugly. Don’t forget to add the addition wire to the antenna wire length.



PVC Tee connector make a very nice Center Feed Point Connector for Dipole Antennas.