Ham Radio Renew Your License Online for FREE

The Experiment: In this experiment I am  going to explore the possibility to renew my Armature Radio license online my-self though the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) for FREE. In the passed I paid W5YI to renew my license / update my address, but I read on the FCC website that Address changes and Amateur Radio license renewal can all be done online for FREE. Will probably run into some problem, because I have used government web site in the past and have always had problem. So let see how it goes.

Table of Contents

1. Proccess
3. Notes
4. Conclusion
5. Reference Links


For guldens, I will use the following website How To Renew Your Ham Radio License (For Free) and Renewing or updating your license online — free!.  To get my PSQ, I did not use the Forgot My Password page, but instead called the FCC @ 1-877-480-3201 selected ithink it was “1. password problems”, was put on hold for about five minutes, operator came on asked me some question and she said, I can help you, set your PSQ.

One’s my PSQ was set, I was able to reset my  password. Now with my new password I can log-into the FCC (ULS) Universal Licensing System. One’s logged in, I notice the prompt indicating that my license was eligible for renewal, To proceed, I click the “Begin the renewal process” link. On the Select Updates page displayed all my correct information so clicked <Continue>. On the Application Question page left both answers “No” then clicked <Continue>. On the Certification page, you have to sign this page, so I singed but was not sure what to enter in Suffix / Tile so left them blank.

Then clicked <Submit Application> and got an “Illegal System Access“, well here my first problem. Logged-out closed all my browser session re-launched new browser session then connected to the FCC (ULS) Universal Licensing System, logged backin, and there was my uncompleted form, now what to do, call FCC again or click the <Continue> link. Well I clicked the <Continue> link.

The next page had all my correct information so clicked <Continue>. The Application Question page left both answers “No” so clicked <Continue>. The Certification page you have to sign this page, signed it and left Suffix / Title blank and clicked <Submit Application>.

Well this time, I got the Confirmation page indicating that my application has been successfully submitted and that there are no application Fees.

Well now lets see how long  it take to update the FCC data base when filing online. I read that updates happen over-night and QRZ updates the next day after, will see.

Well FCC data base updated over night. So QRZ should update next…



Make sure to save the File Number , you will have to reference that number, if there are any problems. Also clicked Print Application which is a .pdf file, don’t forget to save it,  if you don’t print it out. I forgot but luckily had printed the screen which had the File Number.



Well, that went pretty well. Since I called the FCC I am not sure if the online”Set Personal Security Question (PSQ)”  updates instant or by mail. Also the “Illegal System Access” was possibly cause by not completing the Confirmation page promptly. I left the Confirmation page open while searching for an answer for the  Suffix / Title fields. all in all I think it went pretty well, and the FCC was very helpful.


Reference Links:

1. Universal Licensing System
2. How To Renew Your Ham Radio License (For Free)
3. Renewing or updating your license online — free!
4. W5YI-VEC : Amateur License Renewals / Address Changes