1. Woredpress.com Quick Reference Guide
2. Firefox Issues

Woredpress.com Quick Reference Guide:

  1. How o create front-page <Home>
    1. Click Pages -> Add New in your Dashboard.
    2. Title this page “Home” (you can, of course, name it whatever you like).
    3. Type the content you want displayed on the front page of your blog and publish it.
    4. Write another new page.
    5. Title this page “Posts” (Or “blog” if you want sitename.com/blog)
    6. You don’t need to type content, because it won’t be displayed. Publish the page.
    7. Click Settings -> Reading on the left menu in your Dashboard.
    8. You will see the following options. Set yours to look like this:

    After making these changes, posts will no longer show on the front page of your blog. The static page “Home” will show there. Visitors will need to click on the link to “Posts” page to see your posts.

  2. Custom Menu
  3. How to open menu link in new window
  4. Formatting Text
  5. Page jumping Top Bottom Anchor
  6. Adding meta tags
    Free wordpress.com does not have an option to add meta tags, to disable page caching

    meta http-equiv="cache-control”" content="max-age=0″ 
    meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache"
    meta http-equiv="expires" content="Sat, 01 Sep 2001 00:00:00 GMT"
    meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"

    Sometime you want to force the cache on one particular page\request.
    You can do that by holding the “Ctrl” key while clicking reload or F5.

    To disable page caching permanently in FireFox:

    • Open a new window or tab in Firefox.
    • Type about:config in the address bar
    • Search for “cache” in the search bar and look for network.http.use-cache in the filtered results.
    • Double-click it will toggle it from “true” to “false”. Default should be “true”.
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Firefox Issues

1. why does Firefox keep putting sites in https
Now finding that Firefox automatically redirects its URL to an https address causing http mixed content not to display.

set the Boolean pref browser.urlbar.autoFill to false (did not solve the issue)
set the Boolean pref browser.urlbar.autoFill.typed to false (did not solve the issue)

set the Boolean pref security.mixed_content.block_active_content to false (solved the issue). But mind you, this will make your Firefox browser a little less secure!

2. Completely disable “this plugin is vulnerable and should be updated”
set the Boolean pref extensions.blocklist.enabled to false (true by default)

A warning: Turning this option to false lowers the security of your browser – not only will it stop checking for plugin vulnerabilities but Firefox will not prevent you from installing known malicious extensions that could hijack your browser or do any number of other nasty things.